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I agree with the above projections I project a target of 3700 and even lower say 3520 .So lets see what happens
I'm going to stick my neck out and call this the bottom @3865 or thereabouts on wednesday night 18/9. At least for the time being.
And look for a mini rally that may give it some strength and get it rolling. If it doesn't, then down to 3800 1st, then 3650

Truth is though, I don't care which way it goes. As long as I can trade either side of it, I'm happy.

I don't normally predict as I'm usually a week early.


Carried on selling at the open which it was expected to do. then from 3800, up a near 100 points to 3896. On the futures it was 3 points short of the 100.

Watching the live chart it was interesting to see the manipulated pulbacks on the way up to 'shake the tree' and scare people out.

Currently on the way back down to the 3830 mark 10.40am and setting itself up for the usa open.

A morning move of a near 300 points with the price from open only showing a -25 deficit.

I have looked at this again this morning and still think 3700 could be the short term target.Its been down to 3803 .Its now about 3835.
I dont like making statements about market predictions,but have stuck my neck out.!!!!!.
Doesn't really matter what view you have over where it's going as long as you make a profit from it.
3 trades this morning with the 3rd still running being a short.
I've made a profit this morning and I just know that Mada has too.
Different views, different directions, every ones a winner.
That's the beauty of the markets.