FTSE future price on ADVFN is now 10% of what it was before


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FTSE future price on ADVGN is now 10% of what it was before

Has anybody else noticed that ADVFN is now showing zm3 as 397.5 whereas it used to show 3975.

Is this a change at LIFFE?

If so has anything else changed?

If I go long 1 unit, will I still make £10 for every rise of 1 point in the FTSE?

I'm about to make my first futures trade with IB and getting a little nervous!

It must be a glitch John on ADVFN.

I have no idea why anyone uses them as the data seems to be dodgy at times.

This is not a change at Liffe, still 2 decimals, probably a change of life :LOL:
If you look on the screen there is a notice saying that they are playing with decimal points this afternoon. I suspect that is the issue.