FTSE 100 Movers and Shakers


I'm doing a piece of work on share trading at the moment, where I intend to track certain shares in the FTSE 100 over a two week period.

Ideally I want to follow the stock of about 5-7 different companies. Does anybody have any advice about what shares I should look at?? What I really need is some good volitile stock which will go up and down, and give me lots to write about........do you have any hot tips??

I definitely thought that tech shares might be a good idea or something risky like mining or oil.......otherwise its going to be safe but dull British Airways, Tesco etc.
Hi Jono, welcome aboard...

You're right techs are more suitable for you and arm, egs, log, moni, bhm, au., pon springs to mind first..

Good Luck

Hiya Jono

Welcome to the site old bean, (jono's an old friend of mine, I've known for years (come to think of it, too many years.. where have they all gone I wonder?!?!))

Anyway, TMT stocks (Technology, Media, Telecoms) are indeed the volatile stocks you're after. And all those Riz listed are movers and shakers, EGS for example down 4% today, after being up nearly 10% since Monday.. and keep an eye on the Nasdaq it often determines the direction of these shares. (Nasdaq Composite down 3% this evening, doesn't bode well for tomorrow).

Indeed not only was the nasdaq down but I think it formed an evening star candle pattern (gap up, doji and gap down).

I think we can expect seceral down days and maybe even a re-test of the recent lows in the coming weeks.
I think you could be right, Darth.
I closed most of my positions on Tuesday.... ARM, MONI, PON and LOG, a little premature, i should have waited later in the day but i wanted to play safe. Maybe the markets risen too fast too much so i'll see how things are come Monday.