FTSE 100 list


I'm sure I have seen someone point to a list of FTSE 100 companies before. Can't for the life of me find this again :cheesy:

Can anyone tell me where I can get said list with EPICs as I want to download this :?:

Reason I need this is to programmatically trawl through all the charts looking for shares I would like to analyse in detail. Unless someone has a better idea of getting this info (i.e. for free) :LOL:

ADVFN supply a neat little list in the form of a monitor, but you cannot c & p.

many thanks
....Yahoo finance...

I think you can download *.CSV files of the list....
Thank you all for the responses. Winners were FC and Zambuck, this yielded a downloadable spreadsheet with EPICs and names (plus the rest of the data :) ).

TBS and GreySurfer thanks but no EPIC, just a list of company names.

BTW, TBS please check your PM