FTMO Conspiracy Theory


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interested in some details
The number of clients that actually make it into the payout zone is super small like below 1‰
However every client is paying the fees. This makes for a very healthy income for the "prop shop".
While the marketing gives the impression that the company is earning money from their "top traders", in reality their only income is from the fees.
Even if you pass every qualification stage you won't really trade the company's money. If you manage to make a profit during this final stage they will pay you from the collected fees not from "trading profits".
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The immediate give away with FTMO is that they set a challenge which encourages significant risk taking to pass. They then claim to offer the 'winners' of said challenges significant amounts of money to trade with, but a true prop firm would be horrified if a trader executed his business in the same way as the challenge, so why test traders in a completely different way to the style you want when working for you?


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There is this "FTMO 1 Minute Master" YT channel.

Now, given what experienced traders know about markets, and mindset etc, am I being cynical that the YT channel was created to draw people in to blow their money on essentially gambling, and lose their fees multiple times over through over trading, and through using excessive leverage? This guy must be using 5-10 lots per trade.
I think this guy is on his 15th account.
Whether its a free one or not, thats a lot of resources invested into this channel.
If people are drawn in, and pony up the fees, thats a lot of money.
I probably have too much time on my hands....
(This is not a slight at FTMO, I think they are a solid set-up.)

This lad is full of BS, total demo warrior and now he has the cheek to sell courses. He has only passed 1 FTMO trial after about 16 attempts. I Cant understand why anyone would sign up to his nonsense. Another scammer.


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They are lotteries running on demo money but winners are paid by FTMO and MFF.
Paying winners is their best marketing tool.
If a lottery doesn't pay winners nobody would buy tickets anymore.
now I know what this game is all about. 90% lose so free money.
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People fall prey to these kinds of scams because of their greed to earn more quickly. If we remain careful while trading and looking for new ways to trade, all of it can be prevented. But there are always people who will fall for these scams.
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