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I was referring specifically to this thread rather than T2W as a whole. Unfortunately, the forum suffered for a year or so from a member who (or so I believe) alienated a large number of long-standing and worthwhile contributors* and a vast number of new members. Though he has just recently now gone on to pastures new it will take a long while to undo the damage - perhaps you could be part of this process.

*I don't count myself amongst this happy few.
Thanks a lot, very interesting.. yes that is the problem if you do not know a site or its history... you have a look around and just realise it isnt that interesting.. so one might give up too soon... so far i just had a few mixed experiences... where i may have written some things in a discussion that they did deemed spam or PR... and so very tight even tighter than twitter banning Trump haha but will see and hang around for a little while longer


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Date: 29.01.2021

Action: BUY

Open Price: 0.76721
Target Price: 0.77000
Stop Loss: 0.76400

New Buy Order Placed @0.76721


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Date: 01.02.2021

Action: SELL

Open Price: 1.20812
Target Price: 1.20300
Stop Loss: 1.21300

New Sell Order Placed @1.20812


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Date: 02.02.2021

Action: BUY

Open Price: 1.28278
Target Price: 1.28800
Stop Loss: 1.27700

New Buy Order Placed @1.28278


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Looks good. I want to follow these all in my trading, and want to make a good profit with the help of these.
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