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Hi all. Are you struggling/angry/frustrated with your trading? Whatever you do or try seems to result in yet another losing trade? Well, I will help you!
The only thing I ask in return for this help is that you give me consent to include some written text about your before-and-after trading journey in a book I am currently working on, about the reasons why traders lose, and successful turnarounds. Naturally you´ll be given the chance to approve the relevant text before anything is published.
I really have no idea how many replies I'll get to this post, so initially just send me a BRIEF private message explaining your current trading situation. Then we can follow up with a phone call.
I can't guarantee that everyone's stories will be published in the book, but let's see where this takes us.
Best wishes,
Roger W
PS. Please keep all replies positive and civilised, thanks!
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What help will you offer? I don't need help in making another losing trade, I'm really awfully good at it :D .
1) Who are you?
1) this sounds like a bit of a scam, to be revealed later. . . .
2) what's in it for me? Are you going to tell me to learn chart dynamics, company fundamentals, and control my psychology?
...and so.... it starts.
1) You have my name and profile. Do some due diligence if you wish, then message me, or not.
2) Ditto
3) What sort of help depends on the nature of your problem(s)
Diligence produces "Rog1111" and "Established member" which doesn't tell me very much.
1) Who are you?
If you had bothered to put in even a small amount of effort you would see that rog1111 has an impressive profile and made significant contributions to this site.

1) this sounds like a bit of a scam, to be revealed later. . . .
Really, he has been a member of this site since 2004 and has never given any indication of being anything other than straight. It is ridiculous to think that he would wait 19 years to then scam someone but then due diligence for you stops at a name.

2) what's in it for me? Are you going to tell me to learn chart dynamics, company fundamentals, and control my psychology?
This has already been answered and you are coming across as just being petulant.

@rog1111 You are probably better off not wasting another minute responding to this.
Diligence produces "Rog1111" and "Established member" which doesn't tell me very much.
Hi cara1,
The trading world is littered with scammers and people who only have their own interests at heart and not yours - so I understand your scepticism / cynicism. However, as Inquisitor rightly points out, Roger (rog1111) isn't some new member who's just popped up out of nowhere promising to make everyone rich. The due diligence Inquisitor suggests you undertake is to at least do a search for threads/posts by Roger to help you form an impression about his knowledge and experience.

Roger's made it clear he's not asking for money but, rather, may wish to include 'your journey' in a book he's writing. That sounds fair enough to me - especially if he is able to help you get from wherever you are now to wherever you want to be. So, if you're struggling and would like some guidance - why not give it a shot - what have you got to lose? Obviously, if it turns out that Roger's opening post is just a ruse to avoid the beedy eyes of the Mods and he starts asking you for money - you can walk away and report your experience back to this thread. From where I'm standing, it appears to me that Roger has as much to lose from this arrangement - perhaps more - than you do!
I'm not wishng to offend anyone but iif someone wants something from me, which rog1111 does, a little information wouldn't be inappropriate.
@Inquisitor The profile information is unhelpful. Number of post only, as I said.
Perhaps if YOU had put in some diligence you would have realised that you were mistaken.

A search reveals a lot of posts "looking for traders". I don't kow how many posts going back how far, I'm expected to read. I don't think it unreasonable for the OP to say what position he sees hmself as having. One or two links would have satisfied that.

EG I'm a few months into trading. Having read a lot, and remembered some, and managed to put some into practice, I've had mixed results, with day trading stocks and some forex. Certainly, lack of pre-planning, and the psychological reactions, do hinder so I'm planning more, and downsizing until confidence increases. I have a paper account as well as a funded one, at a "free" broker which isn't great. I find it more helpful to use very small amounts rather than paper, to keep things "real".

I've read more than I currently remember about support and resistance, previous lows and highs of day, candle patterns/fractals, breakouts, momentum trading, mean reversion, specific techniques like how to deal with gaps, looking for catalysts in the news on associated stocks. I use various indicators such as EMAs, RSI for divergence. I don't have an anchored VWAP unfortunately. I now rarely go counter-trend, though the big 7-10 stocks, which I use mostly, for their volatility and liquidity, don't have so much of a trend.
I often watch DTTW live to see/be guided by what they're doing, but I'm too slow for the scalping they manage.
I'm looking towards longer term, ie swing trading, to slow things down, eg MKS recently.
The platform (CFD) I'm using has bugs, delays and misbehaviours which have cost me quite a bit, so I'd pefer to pay for something less noddy.
Inspite of that I'm looking at eToro; at least you can buy without the 0.5% fee and use a trailing stop loss, no swap fee ( I think). Could be good for some UK stocks which bounce about.

I see Rog1111 has asked for traders before, and supplied some info about a couple of trading platforms.
I assume Rog111 an author, and trader, but those are unusual in combination so I don't know - I haven't gleaned very much.
As I said, - a link or two.

I'm a retired C.Eng, still a volunteer teaching-assistant for STEM subjects at gcse and A level in the local non-selective school.

I have sent a pm.
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