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Please use this thread to discuss the usage of the forums. This includes the following topics:

1. Conduct of Members - including the introduction of a warning system to deter undesirable behaviour and to provide a legitamite mechanism to deal with it when it occurs.

2. Conduct of Moderators/Administrators - including the methods and extent to which mods and admins can intervene in the day to day usage of the boards

3. The formulising of a written set of Forum Guidelines, that serve to protect the interests of members/moderators/administrators alike.


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I think that when a post oversteps the mark it should be removed but a message should be put in its place.

The message could just say that the post had broken the forums guidelines and had been removed. When that happens, the author should be given one warning and if they do it again in the next 3 months, they should be banned. After 3 months, it is unlikely that they will do it again so the warning could be removed.

It would be good if there was a log of messages that are moved or deleted by moderators. Then if we are trying to find it, at least we will know what happened to it.


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I think if someone has been posting unacceptable postings then there should be 2 levels of warnings before cutting the person off completely...after all we want to get rid off the bad attitude and not the person. They should be enough chances to 'grow up' to acceptable level on this site..

For example after a warning has been given the accused can see the posts but cannot post any messages for few weeks...thus giving them time to 'cool off' . They can read the contents and and try do better next time...

After second warning the cooling off period to posting messages should be increased to months...

After third's the end...

Moderators who remove the post MUST publish their actions and the reasons for board to see...and should list warnings when given...

My two bit worth...and you have been bust today on this board...


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..sorry meant BUSY today and not BUST today on board...on my last line...

must stop lunchtime beer..


Warning System is Live

Thanks to BigBusiness and Zambuck for your suggestions - which I took on board.

The warning system goes live this evening and will work as follows.

1. Ever member now has a warning level set to zero. This can easily be seen at the bottom of every post next to the link to report a post and informing you than an IP has been logged.
2. Moderators and Administrators may issue warnings to any member who it is deemed has acted in such a way as to warrant it.
3. Depending on the action of the member a certain number of points are added to their Warning Level (see chart below).
4. When a warning is issued, the member will receive an automated warning by PM and email outlining what the warning was for.
5. Warning points will last for 30 days from when they were issued. After this time has elapsed the points are automatically removed.
6. If the member's warning points reaches 10, the member is automatically banned from the site.

The guidelines for assigning points is as follows:

Multiple Posting - Posting the same message in more than one forum (1)
Spamming - Posting of meaningless messages (2)
Swearing Abuse - Using foul language in a post (3)
Flamming - Posting of messages intended to incite an argument (3)
Ramping - The ramping of shares (4)
Unsolicited Advertising - Posting commercial advertising (4)
Disrespect towards other Members - Displaying a lack of respect for other members (4)
Multiple Registering - When a member registers under multiple usernames with the intention to deceive (5)
Disrespect towards Moderators - Display lack of respect towards forum moderators (5)
Racist/Sexist/Prejudice Remarks - Remarks likely to cause offence to a particular group of people (5)

These points are the recommended amounts - but moderators have the ability to award lower/higher points depending on the severity of the action.

So as you can see in most case members will have two or more warnings and then be banned. But instant ban is still a possibility, for example in the case of a brand new member littering all the forums with blatant advertising - when immediate action is required.

As always we welcome feedback on the way the system has been set up to work - we also intend to review it again in a month's time to evaluate how successful it's been and whether any changes need to be made.
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