Form a Trading club & get the best Broker Deal ?


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Hey all

why dont we all join together and offer our business to a Broker that gives us the best Terms that we demand from them ?

Like a Bulk Buying club - but we really drive the terms.......and if we have enough of us we could really drive a good deal ...not pussy stuff ;)



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if this Thread runs and runs watch this please add comments if you are in or interested

we can assemble the troops here at an appointed time in the future and sell our souls to the highest bidder .....may have issues on our Domiciles / Nationalities....... but lets worry about that later

I did offer my help to the guys that started that Fuelsave club years ago (as I had knowledge of the oil and petrol business and had been part of negociations on fuel services in a past life)

but they bottled and sold out eventually on what was a brilliant idea..........and they had the majors by the goolies for a while .......never mind .....sigh :whistling



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we probably need more than 3 of us ...........

When I read the thousands of posts here about Traders being unhappy with brokers I have to laugh when someone suggests we change the model and drive it from the customer side..........and the response is virtually Zero ?

so T2W - looks like you are all happy to continue to get fleeced by Brokers on their terms ? :rolleyes:



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let me remind everyone of the potential here

Brokers "Devide and Conquer" individual Traders
you follow their rules and suffer the games they play....and bad luck on any issues you have regarding spreads , margin calls , stops etc etc - they are judge and jury - you have no comeback or support

Brokers control the spread you pay
want a better deal ? - then bad luck - they do what they want - unless you had something to bargain hundreds(thousands?) of fellow traders in the same club as you demanding a better spread 24/7........if they cant do it we all go elsewhere

and so on.........maybe i'm a dreamer on this one ........or people dont believe it can happen if we all consolidate and tell the brokers what we want ?

it has happened in other industries so dont think it cant just post here and register - we will try to get a better deal for everyone ..........once we have the power of numbers ! (y)



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NVP, it's a nice idea, but I wonder how many people really want the same thing from their broker. I want the lowest costs I can get for common trading instruments, reliability and accuracy. Another person might want to trade a wide range of markets, trade indian stocks, trade options etc. They might care about rollover costs, whereas I wouldn't. Another wants a free X_trader subscriptions and so on.

Each individual optimises for themselves. Are the chances that a group with different priorities will get a better deal for everyone than each individual optimising?

Perhaps it would help if you suggest what you think you could obtain from broker if this group of people was formed.


looks like were onto a loser here,
the only way I guess is by voting with our money..I hate IG, I take my money away. But thats just one of many thousands I guess. what do they care

Im with you N, but clearly others are happy
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