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does anyone use Deal4free to trade foreign Exchange quarterly bets with Deal4free, if so , could they tell me whether they fill your 'stop order' when the underlying triggers the price or when their 'quote 'triggers the stop price.

also does their 'quote' track the underlying as with their index futures bets. i.e does it follow the underlying exactly with no bias

many thanks

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Hi Jason,

I've compared there charts to FXCM and they are very similar in nature.

Hi Jonny

thanks, hopefully they track as they should then

if u have traded forex with D4F have u ever taken notice of when the stop order triggers ? I know they trigger on underlying with some instruments & 'quote' others

not sure really this is what I am sort of trying to find out

there is no Bias in the indexes as long as u trade the futures, from what JonnyT is saying it seems like there is no bias on 'forex quarterly's either
I trade forex with d4f spreadbet and IMO their quote tracks the underlying currency extremely closely. I have compared (through live observation) their prices with saxo bank and the prices are almost always identical, sometimes out by 1-2 pips absolute max in my experience.

I don't know if the answer to your question is you are stopped out on their quote or the underlying, but they are so close it does not make a difference to me personally.

I have posted elsewhere on here that I think forex is probably the best instrument to trade with SB's as the spread is virtually the same as the underlying, and the underlying has a proper 24 hour quote, with real liquidity for the SB to track. (No wild overnight fluctuations as you can get in indices SB).

Hope this helps you.
Thanks darrenf

this was just what I wanted to hear, I trade the futures with D4F & it is the same...........occasionally 1 tick out, but this is normally when a contract trades 0.5 to 1 tick & causes no great move so D4F just dont quote on it.........which is fine by me.

wanted to know I could trade forex with them the same way, yours & JonnyT's answers looks like I can


Hi Ive traded GBP/USD with CMC and ive found that the orders are executed when the underlying has traded and not when their version of events has traded at your stop level.

I have also noticed that if you get a spike through your order more often than not the order is not executed leaving you in or out of the market depending on your current position. At first I found this frustrating that the orders are not executed as I want them to be (even for a loss). But as ive come to get used to CMC's bazaar order execution system it is mostly in my favour when this happens... perhaps it is just down to the way I trade this market... who knows?
Thanks Newtron

that is also what I wanted to hear, yes with some indices they fill on the underlying, thought it may be the same with the forex quarterly

many thanks