Forex Trading - December 2003

Newtron Bomb

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Hiya Folks
No positions atm closed some small trades on friday that were opened on thurday, looking for a re-entry.

eur$ trend is still up.
Waiting for a break of fridays high or a further pullback for a more advantagious entry.


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Sorry to butt in.I e-mailed the marketing VP at Mytrack and mentioned the awful forex problems (amongst other things) and he said he'd notified associates who would look into it.I understand you have gone to e-signal? Newtron?How have you found it?and out of interest Mytrack ain't much good for commodities either!How is e-signal?
Initially i quite like mytrack but then they upgraded their servers and it all went pete tong from then on.

e-signal is a good stable package with a few hick-ups every now and again which is to be expected from anyone. The customer service so far is very reliable and helpful rather than mytrack which have a standard line of "phone America" as the uk office are from what i can gather a sales office. However they have always tried to help in the best possible way.

So far i would recommend them but i am still looking for a one stop shop for all my requirements and tradestation is at the top of the list.

Newtron Bomb said:
eur$ L @ 1.2020
gbp$ L @ 1.7265
chf$ S @ 12890
40 pip stop on each

Hi newtron
re the €/$ - why long at 1.2020 _ I can see on the one hour chart that one would have been long from 26th Nov and on 15min you are near a high looking to the near left of the chart (in fact several support points between 2008 and 2010 ?

good luck anyway :D
Hi neil
Nothing fancy here.
The trend is up
I closed a position at 1.1983 on friday along with gbp and chf
ATM ive no reason to go short.
When i woke up this morning i placed an order above todays high then moved it down with new information to above Friday's high

I missed the long on the 26th as i decided to have a relaxing week and see some friends and i was having a lovely day in one of Liverpool's finer Chinese restaurants ;)

There is support as you say at these levels and i did consider a market order but there is always the chance that it can regress back to the trend and i have been caught too many times in the past trying to catch falling knives. This way i will be trading tomorrow and not just for today ;)

support becoming resistance at 1.2016 Fridays high
1.1975 area short trigger with a target to trend line or beyond
Although 1.20 was brief support and looking across the chart has been previously. If you take the most recent data into account i did not see it as a greatly significant level compared to the current low of the day.

I can still get stopped out and it looks like i will but it is a numbers game and i win more than i loose. I am the first to admit i am a sloppy trader but i dont care as long as the P&L pays for my lunch ticket at the end of the month

(sorry if it read as being arsy, ive got a bit of a cold)


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Thanks Newtron.
I'm staying out between 1975 and 2033 on 15min chart ( a sort of congestion area imho)

Good luck :)
Its almost harder to sit on hands than take a trade at times like this! :eek:

Bullish above 1.1850 and bearish below but as Newtron said its going up so loathed to short it but cant see the R/R for a long at the moment. :rolleyes:


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Just broken the channel to the downside. Anyone braver than me playing it? :D

edit:first bounce smack of the 1.1950 support :eek: . B nice to see that go for a test of 1.1850! :D
Went long earlier. So that was everyone's signal to short. :LOL:

Last few hours have been shorting the a*rse off it, and getting in a few scalps!

Now looks like time to go long again.

Tell a lie! tiny shorts, methinks.
Didnt get an entry for the short it just went straight down :LOL:

Will leave until tom now or unless something exemplary stands out

Hmm, seems to be near resistance from the last few days, pausing and flatline on the 1 min. So going to take small profit and rest. fairly wide placed orders either side in case it runs again.
Short below 1975 anyone?

1945ish support coming up on hourly 26th Nov.
hello neil
Tried to pm you but it wont let me? They are the FXCM freebies with the colours tweaked. :)
Long eur$ @ 1.1960
Missed entries on chf and gbp as trading other things... bummer


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