Which would you trade?


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Both systems trade the EUR/USD and these are the results for the December 2003 contract, maximum of 1 trade per day entirely mechanical.

System A:

Win 30
Win % 48.39
Avg Win 0.00422
Lose 32
Lose % 51.61
Avg Lose 0.001590625
Total 0.0757
Equity High 0.0757

Max Draw 0.0124
Max Draw Date 17/11/2003

Profit Factor 2.653045187

System B:

Win 18
Win % 29.03
Avg Win 0.005072222
Lose 44
Lose % 70.97
Avg Lose 0.000481818
Total 0.0701
Equity High 0.0701

Max Draw 0.0053
Max Draw Date 12/11/2003

Profit Factor 10.52725367

The systems are based on the same entry.


I would say system B as it produces similar profit with lower drawdown. This is despite a lower win percentage.

Is this due to some sort of time stop. ie trade closed after x bars if not yet showing x profit?

I imagine system B would also allow more time to adjust if it starts to go wrong, without losing as much as sytem A would in the same circumstances.

Is this based on your early morning breakout methods you have mentioned before?

Just my own thoughts.

Either way, they both seem to produce a good profit level. Let us know how you get on.


Depending on whether you think you can take the string of losses without flitting to another system ;-) I'd say clearly B.

A would probably be easier to stick with psychologically if you scaled back, but B would be much bigger opportunity for leverage.


I think as WYSI says, it depends on your personality.........we are continually told that a method has to psychologically sit comfortable.

They will always have good and bads- i think just take the one u are comfortable with !!

p.s. are these computerise results, or have u traded them !??! BIG differenece, regarding slippage ! I know a guy who had a system which produced about $7/8k per month on the S&P, but by the time u took out slippage/commish etc, u were left with peanuts...........