Forex Stop Loss Size Pips Calculation ?


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Forex Stop Loss Pips Calculation ?

I am finding myself stuck at a very basic question with regarding total number of pips between my Entry Price and Stop Loss. I was thinking that i would be simply Entry-Stop = Pips but it dosent appear to be the case and i am missing a piece of the puzzle here...for example:

EUR-USD: Entry Price-1.454669
Stop Loss: 1.44737
Difference: 0.007299

My trading platform is MT4.

How do we go about calculating the actual pips using this difference between Entry&Stop loss price. I'll appreciate your help in resolving this confusion and also please do indicate that is the procedure (I mean the correct procedure) going to be the same for all the crosses.?

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I was just working to try to figure out the answer to my questions and this time i calculated using AUD-JPY: As follows:

Entry Price 77.175103
Stop Price 76.923517
Stop Size -- Pip 0.251586

I think the # of pips in this case is 25. So between my above example using EUR-USD and now the AUD-JPY I am wondering how does the rounding of works?

Also for the EUR-USD pair the # of pips would be 73 ...Correct me if i am wrong.


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Keep in mind that among the majors and crosses, aside from JPY pairs a pip is 0.0001. For the JPY pairs a pip is 0.01.
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