Stop loss/margin call calculation help

Lets say I’m trading with 100k in my trading account.
I only want to place a buy order using 50% of my equity which would be 50k. I’m using 1:400 leverage on a fixed trading account.
I want to know how to calculate how many pips I would need to go down if making a buy/sell order until to get margin called. I want to know how to calculate the value per pip so I can set my stop loss so I will only loose 50k not my full account of 100k.

In short I want to know how to calculate my stop loss so I won’t loose more than 50k of my 100k In my account.


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It's a completely backward way to trade - your stop-loss should be based on your trading strategy, not your account size, position size, or greed.

To answer your question, one variable is missing. It goes like this:
I want to know how to calculate my stop loss so I don't lose more than 50k of my 100k in my account with a position of X lots.


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2% is actually the industry standard however it is upto the traders how much they can afford to lose.


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Dude that's insane thinking I hope this is a hypothetical seriously sit back and only use max 2% risk irrespective of account size my guy
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