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Hi Guys & Girls

I found this Forex Quiz online earlier. A bit of fun while waiting for a decent set-up!

I got Forex Freshman so not great! Haha :)
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I got the same :)

Never heard the name for Danish Krone in my life!
I've learned something new :)
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I got "fail" with comments on each of 3 attempts

1st attempt: Man with hand in bush is not necessarily gardener

2nd attempt: Man who put cream in tart is not always baker

3rd attempt: Foolish man give wife grand piano, wise man give her upright organ


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hmmm 8 slipping !
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Hi Julie,

Long time since I've seen you here, or been active here myself. How's trading going?
All good thanks, had a slow year second half of last year, slowly getting back into it & trying to stick to swing trading... How about you?


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7 / 10.
(that would explain my performance)

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