Forex news and reviews websites are Objective and Reliable?

john fisher

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We all use them once in a while or checked their signals and brokers reviews once,
But we all have the same concerns, are Forex websites Objective and Reliable?
or do they motivated by money?

I am sure that some of them are motivated by money but I am more sure that the professionals are doing their job Objectively.

I want to ask you, what Forex news and reviews website do you know?
and do you trust it?


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IMHO, the Forex Peace Army site is a good place to look (I've recently been looking into brokers, too). They seem to be more for calling out the outright scammers/bucket shops so people know to avoid X, Y and Z brokers.

T2W and other forum sites (forex factory and such) are also helpful and give insight that might be helpful/more in depth. But my feeling is that most of the review sites that I've come across are featuring/promoting the brokers who pay the most to advertise on them. I have noticed a lot of negative reviews against brokers (Such and Such Broker is a fraud!!! and similar things), as well as almost unrealistic positive reviews, but not much in between. Lots of extreme love/hate, from what I've seen. Hope this helps a bit.

Tom Frank

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Look, both of you, its very easy to know wich website is objective,
A site that won't be objective won't serve his readers wills.
I will take [link removed] for example, in the recent months, this site is raising up and I think its because it is very easy to see that the site gives his opinion about every broker, advantages and disadvantages as well, it gives daily information and analyse about every pair.

If you see a forex news and reviews website that advertise some broker much more then the others, you can find it unreliable.
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