Forex Freeze?


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I've noticed that the Forex market hasn't moved since 10:05am today on FXCM.

Have I missed something? Is it a FXCM glitch? Or is it my computer?

I would appreciate any help.

Many Thanks


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The markets are closed for Presidents day in the US


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:cheesy: Erm not quite, the time between each tick change is usually 2seconds, if that, look at your screens right now I've seen some tick changes lasting approx 1.5mins. Thats shocking :LOL: :D

The markets dry everyone go to sleep, no commodity trading, no metals, oils, indicies, stocks and forex is dead!

If your all eager wait till 1.00a.m:

The Nikkei 225 and clan, they'll move :LOL:


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certainly was a slow day............. i should have just taken the day off away from the screen-

USER........ do u trade the Nikkei ? ?



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out of interst what software/data do u use for the Nikkei?
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