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Mar 22, 2010
Hi all,

Just to introduce myself - I am Neil based in Wales, UK.

I found out about forex around three years ago and since then I have been to a lot of websites to learn as much as I can. It has felt a bit like a degree course!! I have taken in as many strategies as I can whilst paper trading and I am now ready to trade for real.

I have used Oanda up until now and will probably open a real account with them soon. Has anyone out there used them? I have done a lot of digging and from what I have heard, they are very trustworthy.

Any advice would be appreciated and I am happy to pass on my knowledge to others also.

All the best, Neil (y)

Lord Flasheart

Well-known member
Jan 20, 2004
welcome to both of you>most of what you need is here on the site,if not ask someone.
Neil if someone has an armchait under their name(tag) t means they are a vendor or coach trying to sell something. my best piece of advice is never spend money on training unless you are sure of their capabilities. There are many good threads to chose from,try the forex live calls and set up thread where traders post there trades in real time, or any thread that is continually used regularly by traders . Look at the price action threads,etc. Work out how you want to trade and there will be a thread about it. Everything you need is here apart from your own discipline which is of course the hardest bit