FIRST SMART day trading software


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Don't know if/how much it has changed. But best suits Deeeeeep pockets, swing trading, nerves of steel = (faith in software)
and cast iron ba**s.


I am also looking at first smart
Have just scanned through all 350 odd of your posts but no joy - could you give us a point in the right direction - the search function turned up 151 threads - but again no joy!


I used to work for them, and have traded with there software. If you have any questions please post them or pm me
Anyone interested in the FIRST Smart software is welcome to phone 5D with any questions. We run an open office and anyone is welcome to spend a day with us to see how the software can enhance their trading decision making.
I trialled First Smart for a while and it quickly became apparent that the so called unique indicators were available from any half decent trading book. Good packaging, free workshops and fancy names always impress.No surprises there then. I am constantly amazed by the amount of money people will pay for something that they want to rely on rather than developing their own way.

The answers are there if you are prepared to work at it. If software could do it for us then forums like these would not be needed - we would all be stinking rich even having paid our First fees.

If you really want proof then trade with and without these black box systems as a scientific trial - I very much doubt if the results will be any different with or without the software.

Sorry for the long post. Ive tried to keep it as short and judgemental as pos.

first software identifies possible entry points by use of an apparently very complicated mathematical formulae. These entries are market out by green (long) and red (short) triangles. It provides entry points above and below these markers so that if it gets there your in the market. Essentially that's about the size of it. The problems that arise with the signals is knowing which one to take and which ones to disregard and the creator at 5D continues to experiment with various ways of filtering.

More problems arise with the lack of a sufficient money management system as the is not the same for each entry and in addition to this it is mainly a judgement call as you usually have to wait for the price of a given bar to close past a given point for an exit to be valid. Imagine the turmoil that this creates when the prices crash or fly past your exit trigger point and your waiting for a close past that point. What if that bar closes past by 5, 10, 15 or more points as it will often do so. The flip side is that when a spike up or down occurs past this trigger point your holding your breath waiting for the close of the bar and it will keep you in some of the trades longer but not necessarily for it to go into profit. Profit target are another grey area which are usually left to the user as a "you can take profit any time you want" statement. Their current strategy (which is posted on there web site along with screen shots) does not take into account a profit exit and relies on a reversal indicator (the last time I looked this was the case) which in itself is another issue as you are not always provided with a reversal signal. So you could be long with their system and watch the price fall trigger your stop if you have one placed... or you could watch it crash through the floor exit at a loss greater than you would probably like and then continue to watch the market fall, when you do eventually get a signal to enter short it is far to late into the move.

The software itself is not that good for the price you are paying in fact I do think its extortionate. You have a choice of 12 charts to trade with whether you want them or not so you are paying for a lot of things that the average trader will never trade with. I for one don't trade currencies or bonds or the US but you will still have to pay for those markets and the exchange fees. You also do not have any say on the time frame that you want to view. You get what you are given because that is what the optimisation is saying is the best time frame so that when you look back through the chart (and you only get the last 500 bars of data, nothing is collected or store on your machine) you only see the optimised version of events.

The charting functions are very clumsy and slow and are very limited to a half dozen functions i.e. a couple of different MA's Bol bands and the trend lines are a nightmare to use. Removing one or more of these is also a chore. Simplicity is not the order of the day with these "additional features".

The package itself is a bit of a joke as you can only view one chart at a time and when you want to view another chart the change over is not smooth and takes quite a few moments to load up very often there is contamination of data from one chart to another. For example you will have say dax data on the ftse chart which as you can imagine skews the view of the chart. Fixing the problem is simply one click but you will have to wait a long time for it to be resolved and by that time for day trading the trading opportunity is often gone and will have to wait for a pull back, if you get one. I have traded with the software and more importantly made money with the software using the entry signals but I have to say that I had my own methods of filtering the signal and my own money management and profit exits. Looking back it was a chore to do and I really attribute my success with first down to trading in-house with the software and learning the mechanics of the software which the average trader will not obviously have.

The signal generally I believe are often late into a move you could us a simple MA technique or sup&res to identify entries and to paraphrase what another member said elsewhere "entries are the easy bit it what you do after that that counts"

If you want to pay £995 per quarter for this software then so be it, but look at the options. You can get something like metastock real-time with all the trimmings for the same price and its yours to keep. sierra charts is very popular on this BB its about $40 per 6 months and a mytrack data feed is $20 for delayed everything (obviously exchange fee's for real time)

As for how to trade there is a wealth of information on this BB about entry's, stop exits, profit exits, money management, risk and reward. Not just the theory but how you can actually apply it to yourself and your trading style. There are a lot of people on this BB that are actually trading, myself included, full time. If you want answers ask questions you will always get an honest broad and judgemental answer this is the best community on the web and we are all here to help each other and exchange idea's
FirstSmart screen shot

You can either take the signals as they are or come up with some way of filtering.

This is todays FTSE with first. The first Green (buy) Triangle did not reach its enrty point. The first red triangle (sell) did reach its enrty at 3984. The second long at 3996.5 also was valid. Next a sell at 3993.5 followed by a long at 3991.5
As you can see it is confusing as several signal come at the same time... which one do you take?
S3984 -12.5
L3996.5 - 3
S3993.5 + 2
L3991.5 open at the time of writing @ 3995

I would say this is a typical day. You can check there web site out where they post the same analysis on a daily basis for the FTSE


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Before anyone asks me no i do not work for them any more nor am i trying to endorse there product. I hope that this helps with answering a few questions about FISRTSmart.

As options said is does suit the person with the deep pocket who can take several large draw downs without needing to change ones shorts. most things work in the long run if you are consistent

It is a black box system and most peeps like to know why they are doing things as oppose to being like sheep, to steal Lord J's phrase, and do what the software tells you to do but that is just for the entries all the important decisions are left up to the user.
It was good to hear different comments about FIRST SMART software.
We here at 5D Ltd now manage a regulated fund i.e. we trade on a daily basis.We have an open door policy,where you may come and watch us trade for the day.
Just regarding Newtron Bombs comments on how to trade the system there have been quite a considerable number of changes
in the trading stratergy i.e flow chart.By introducing these changes we are the top traders in the fund,which is very pleasing.

Trading is not for everyone,and it is not easy.....but being disciplined does help.....
I have to agree with TZ1, since i was there there have been changes to which i am obviously not privy to any more. They have always had an open door policy and it is nice to see that that is being continued.

Trading a fund by experienced traders is a different kettle of fish. The views that i tried to express were those from the perspective of a private trader, incidentally the views that were expressed were detailed from the latest information from the 5D web site, I can only conclude that your web site is not up to date.
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