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Hi Sualla81BC

I would say the next step up is E-Signal, which is about $104 a month + exchange fees. There is a 30 day free trial, during which time you only pay the exchange fees. However if you decide to continue with the product, you'll be charged for the first "free" month as well :(



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nice name by the way - I'm more an 'Alea Iacta Est' type, with Einstein's take on where...
I'm not a daytrader, but every one of them I've spoken to so far mentions having a phone and a broker's number to call as the essential backup. With a laptop (battery backup) I'd question the need for UPS - I got my wife a laptop sorted a few months back and went for a Centrino setup with the Pentium M chip and 512Mb RAM in - only 1400 Mhz as I recall but some 4 hrs battery life.... plenty of CPU and RAM power for trading, I'd suggest, and the battery makes a UPS redundant.... anti surge power strip for protection is still a good idea though, not least because they come with a guarantee that if all of it fries you get cover for the dead kit. (Check that on the box, that's what ours said as I remember)... plus it had a 15" screen which is rather nice, and will take an external monitor too - desktop replacement is the idea here, just a bit more expensive (about £1300 I vaguely recall). On the plus side as a special offer we got her company logo printed on the lid as a freebie :)
Develop your own software, it costs about £1500/$2500 to sign up with E-signal as a developer, but after that you get loads of data for about $50 a month - I'll be quids in by, err, 2007 ;)
UPS - no bother, I carnt sepl fur toffy sumtymes! Sierra/Mytrack was okay for a cheap feed I thought, I'm not sure I'd use that trading large sums though - if you're trading a small account it makes sense to shave costs, but I've always felt it a false economy to 'make do' in the data arena unless it started to cost you a significant fraction of your profits each year. I can understand people with £5k in play choosing Sierra/Mytrack easily, I've found it less understandable when I've encountered people with 5 figures on the go who are asking how to download free data from Yahoo!
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