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If you got them for $138, then well done - a bargain, sell them immediately :)
You ask an apparently simple question.
Not wishing to pour cold water, but it raises many others, such as :-
How long you are intending to hold them and how much profit you are aiming for.
Is this a day trade, position trade or what ?
Have you set a stop loss ?
Why didn't you buy them last September at 80p support ?
Why didn't you wait for a break above 140p ?
etc etc.



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Day trade??? at 8.47 pm when the market shut at 12.30 today? and shut for next 4 days. Or did you buy Vodafone ADR's in $ ??


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i havent the faintest idea what im doing but will accept all help that is given thanks :D

Salty Gibbon

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Astonishing !

If you haven't the faintest idea what you're doing, why in hell's name are you buying shares in relatively large numbers ?

Suggest get rid of them while the going is good and start again - small - like 100 shares.

Build it up slowly.
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