Firewalling psychology through selected ignorance


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Do you know any trading interfaces that can:

- censor what the instrument graph it is I'm looking at but still allow me to buy and sell
- invert the graph randomly and not tell me or turn it sideways, then make a note of what trades I have selected and allow me to make those trades blindly

or even:
- invert the buy and sell 50-75% of the time randomly so that when I hit sell it's actually more likely to hit buy?! I'm very consistent on getting it wrong!
- perhaps I could employ someone in a third world country to actually execute the trades for me??

Is there a way to export a MT4 script for another machine to execute on my behalf to somewhere closer to the exchange to reduce slippage? Where can I get more info on automated buy/sell scripts?

I've identified that social psychology is the biggest risk in what I do. It's amazing how social influence can creep in! Using trading signals reduces this but any little gap allowing my own input is sometimes enough to make an error. For example, favoring one signal over another.

It's also essential to be positive. A rock solid belief in oneself. I intend to do this by praying. However, is there a way to not know what the profit and loss is and continue mechanically?

Certainly using programming and trading robots are the most popular way of protecting against social psychology today. I look for a way to do this semi-autonomously but identifying trends manually but having a script execute the exact moment to do it. Got any info on that?

The addiction of the profit is something I have felt. Not good. It makes you biased and encourages you to trade more than necessary. Other than rationing number of trades/month, how else can we protect against this?

Another aspect I have read was regards pretty trade interfaces. The colours influence what you do. Better to go black and white and go for simple interfaces. Thoughts?

I hope you've enjoyed some of my proposed mechanisms. What strategies do you have to keep the emotional gremlins out of the works?

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From what you've posted. my observations are:

1. Too much importance placed on individual trade outcome - the need to be right.

2. You seek certainty, or at least a reduction in uncertainty.
Trading is all about dealing with uncertainty - you have no control over that.

3. Automation will not give you what you want.
Discretionary or automated trading is largely based on disregarding point 1,
and accepting point 2.

4. Self belief alone is probably more dangerous than self doubt.
At least doubt drives you to seek answers to more concrete issues such
as does your method even work, made more valid by (but never proven outright)
solid research and testing.
Self belief just convinces you there is no need to do that.

Stick with demo or low stakes until you are at the stage where all the above
points are understood and accepted.


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Come up with a trading plan and follow that plan. Identifying specific items that prevent you from following your plan is the challenge of trading that we all deal with on a personal level. Figure out what are the minimal things you need to trade your plan as a first step. I use bar closes so I don't have intrabar closes populate on my chart, no distractions.



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Too much of high pressure to make money is one of the reason for altered trading performance which leads to the traders failure. Accept what you have to become good trader.


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Too much of high pressure to make money is one of the reason for altered trading performance which leads to the traders failure. Accept what you have to become good trader.

Bowlocks !!
Read Liquid validitys' post above again and again and again ?
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