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Has anyone used, if so is it ok/easy to use for a beginner? I want to be using an online system, not telephone.

Yes it's easy to use and a good platform to start with. I had an account with them for about a year but closed it as I prefer D4F for trading stocks.
Personally, I found Finspreads web software only worked 50% of the time. I'd open a trade on the web but then the software would crash and I couldn't log back in, so would have to phone to close it.

I have a Cantor account but the software looks and feels like it was written by a six year old.

If you are going to spreadbet then the best software I have used by far is Deal4Free.

I use Fin Spreads and wouldn't look anywhere else. They don't charge extra for stops, don't force you to place stops miles away from where you want. The software has rarely crashed for me and the guys on the phone are all brilliant. They are friendly, helpful and very understanding when you're learning. Make sure you understand the EXACT market you're trading and check with Dan Benton or Victor how the spreads work, which futures chart you want and always start really small.
I have rarely seen serious bias with them unlike the stories I've heard, particularly Deal4free.
Got to be the best !!!!
Good luck.
Isn't it funny how different people's experience of the same company differ so much? I run my own company and often get "feedback" from customers that reflects us at our best and worse! Very strange sometimes!

My experience with Fins has also been excellent - odd lock ups with software etc etc but overall I would give them a good 8 or 9 out of 10. Was going to try D4F but was put off by comments on ADVFN day-traders board - some not very complimentary. I guess the only thing to do is try and see for yourself - you can always close account later.
Thanks guys, i've sent off for the application pack. I'm gonna start small and only concentrate on the FTSE100 at first, until I get my head round everything.

Thanks for the comments!
Errr ... hope you don't mind me saying this Benji, but you will never get your head around everything.

I'm sure ChartMan and others will agree - every day you learn something new in this game, no matter now many years you've been doing it. So I doubt whether you or I will ever get our heads around 'everything'. :D
Right, say I open a trade in's web interface, and it's going the way I predicted. Is it easy to alter your stop loss as you are following the trade, incase it shoots back the other way?

ie so that you can slide it down as you are going so that once it goes past a certain point you would be garanteed a break even or even a profit!?

i hope you understand that garbled post!
Hi Benji
I've been trading with fins for about 8 months - on and off- it is very easy to amend your stop. Simply go into open trades and it tells you how.
I have NEVER had a stop go beyond what I stated with fins. It has always been exactly what I placed.
I am now also dealing with D4F, purely because they trade some shares out of normal hours, and, believe me, their 'stop system is not easy to understand. I also find their statement system a little convoluted (sorry, swallowed a dictionary), but I am coming to terms with it now.
Once I am able to trade during the day I will certainly be looking at fins rolling shares and giving them a go.
Best of luck with your trading, the best advice I can give is keep it small and ALWAYS place a stop - it has saved me heaps.