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Is it just me or is that chuffing finotec advert grinding my machine to a slow pace for several seconds?

once the graphics are done, all is ok, but the lag on refreshing the page is several seconds because of it.

(Firefox 3.0.1) everything else works fine, including T2W pages when finotec doesnt show as advert.

its only finotec causing it.
Hey Trendie.

So, you're still having problems with this obviously.

I have to say I have tested this to try and replicate it in XP, Vista and Mac OS with Firefox, Safari and IE browsers and I just can't get it to reproduce.

To clarify - is it actually stopping the page loading until such time as the Finotec banner has loaded, or is the whole page loading but just slowly - what? What text are you seeing at the bottom left of the window as it loads - anything to do with, adtech, eyeblaster - anything like that? If so does it start to slow as a particular URL comes up in that bottom left corner?

I'll try and sort it for you but to isolate it is proving a bit difficult.

when I hit "refresh" (view new posts) or click on a page that has finotec:

the top half of page starts to load (but not the thread posts)
the "loading bar" gets 85% of the way across, and stalls
the finotec advert runs its graphics (taking several seconds)
then, only once that has finished running (or reloading)
do the posts start loading, and the rest of the page is visible.

if it isnt the set-up, the only other thing I can think of is:
Norton AV
Spybot Search and Destroy "Resident" running in background (phishing, etc)
more info:

the finotec "take a bite" advert seems ok, its very specifically the SHARK one thats the problem.
ok, leave it with me - i'll see if i can identify a problem. Sorry for the hassle.
Yep, any time the finotec ad is on the page it feels like I'm using dial up again.
complete pain. locks my machine with 100% resource and kills everything. (even the Mighty Boosh)
If I had any sense I would bog off to Traders lab or sumpfink. Just as well I dont.


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Definitely the Finotec shark ad causing probs here too, my main pc (IE7) seems to handle it ok albeit with 60% cpu load when viewing a page with the ad running. An old chugger (duron 700) running IE6 hangs with 100% cpu usage and won't load the page at all.

Therefore I conclude and suggest getting rid of the ad so as not to offend or exclude the cpu challenged lol.

Not that I'm casting doubt as to the age or capability of your machines there gents :p :D


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err should I mention Adblock Plus cures the problem, in firefox? 95% resource hog without.
err should I mention Adblock Plus cures the problem, in firefox? 95% resource hog without.

just downloaded AdBlock Plus.

now, I cant get the finotec advert to load!

have hit "view new posts" several times, including hitting many FX threads.
does AdBlock sense resource-hungry ads and deny them?
It uses a list of "baddies" which you can add to by right-clicking the image and selecting the last choice, probably substituting most of the resulting address with the * wildcard to block others from the same source. If you want to see your banners again just middle-click the ABP button on your toolbar to disable it. But don't tell everyone, it's a secret.

Actually I think Finotec has made a welcome departure in favour of
The Finotec ads are no longer running - purely because the campaign expired. However if they decide to make a return I will try and figure out the problem because it's no doubt a royal pain in the ass when this happens.

Most of our ads are served by third-party server, which means that although our own ad server delivers them, the actual code and the banner is hosted elsewhere - hence the bs-serving messages that will sometimes appear bottom left when a page has hung. There's not a whole lot I can do about that I'm afraid. I try and keep everything relatively light in terms of file size so it doesn't slow the page down but sometimes the ad developers just won't listen.

Sorry for any hiccups; if you have a problem the best thing to do is PM or email me direct at [email protected] with 'Advertising Problem' as the subject line, and I promise I'll look into it, usually fairly quickly. I can't always promise to resolve it but I'll do my best.
no probs, rossored.

thanks to peto, I have downloaded AdBlock Plus, and there is an option to "Adblock Image".

this gives me control and should mean I bother you less!

thanks for looking into this.