Financial Armageddon for United States on the verge of Igniting - Red alert! DefCon 4. Goodluck!

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To the best of my best guesses and knowledge of people in general especially EXPERTS, there will not be a single motherf****** to realize = cognite on the pattern on the monthly until at least year 2030 - 2035. And even if they do they will never ever be able to duplicate Fibo's target for the TERROR hit - which Fibo will CALL during the week of the expected hit - but will not reveal the Math that generated the hit.

Say what? Fibo write/SELL books and do YouTube videos and give seminars for money? S**k my d**k! Will never happen!!!! Why? The moment I accept Mammon into my enterprise is the day I start to DIE! Therefore no way, Jose!

As long as I keep Mammon out of my Universe, the following happens on a weekly or monthly basis - without drugs, alcohol or sex .............

Take me disappearing thru' the smoke rings of my mind
Down the foggy ruins of time, far past the frozen leaves
The haunted frightened trees, up to the windy beach
Far from the twisted reach of crazy sorrow



Assault on Fibo's Armageddon Line begins anytime this month or soon. Timing it precisely? I can but its hard as you already know, I have failed in the short-term timing of this giant - but given the 75 million years of duration of the WAVE, what's a few months? Sweet fckall!

That does not mean I won't try! Jesus H Christ, I'm always trying. but my equipment has run into limitations. To resolve this, there has to be a trickle of thoughtformspirit into my psyche - then the next level will be an achievable target. This kinda help gots to come from higher realities.


If Warren Buffet were to ever look for examples of people who do his #1 and #2 for passions in life, he would be floored by Fibo. It would be no contest.

#1 Reading

#2 Passion

Then one throws in #3 and Warren and all others get left in the dust ...................

#3 Find out who you really are! (This involves the formula for personal treason and enemy conditions)

Yeah baby, being Fibo = being alone and getting banned from everywhere :) :)


For Sharky's vigilante force, their entire reason for being at T2W is now .................... find a way to ban Fibo. Leader is Timsk, butler is Trendie, one with the pull to pull it off is counter-violent, a close buddy of Trader333. They watch and watch and watch. Unsuccessful thus far but the nite is still young. Its a game that Fibo loves. Why? Because Fibo is a one-man show and can take considerable shots to the stomach and still get up to fight


Coronavirus is f***in up my Christmas, wanted to take my girl here for huge celebrations and partying ........... not happening



The Frenchies, Creole Frenchies in particular know how to rock Fibo to the core ................... this version of Silent Night does it in spades. Where can these Creole Frenchies be found in abundance? Place St. Michel, Paris, France and on Guadaloupe and Martinique and to some degree on St Maarten in the french section of the island (where Fibo hangs)



For Christmas already sent to Fibo by my gal in Thailand - knocked me to my ass ................... :)

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