Figures of Convenience


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After the employment figures today it struck me again how everything seems to be keeping these markets stabilised so giving the FED a perfect excuse to do nothing with interest rates before the election. Was away last week and spoke to a very senior IB from NY, he assured me that Greenspan has his dick lodged firmly in Dubya's mouth ( maybe this is why it is drooping slightly to the right ). Also he confirmed my suspicions that we are being lied to totally about inflation which any businessman and householder in the US must already know. So why doesn't Wall street care about this and how can all these guys keep coming onto Bloomberg and CNBC spouting their crap? Guess that's just good for business.
As more and more figures are released it just becomes clearer.
Still going with the Stagflation story myself.
Just an observation.



Is the FED manipulating the markets and the figures to show what they would like. What would high inflation in the US economy mean?


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Disaster as it would lead to interest rate rises in what is a fragile, debt ridden economy, despite what they ike to pretend. I think Fannie Mae and freddie Mac may have serious problems and they cannot be allowed to go down. Other than that, the number of people mortgaged to the hilt in US is considerably worse than here, recent comparisons of average earnings and consumer spending shows many have taken equity out of their capital appreciation in property and spent it.
It is all going to be a horrible mess....we are dooooomed...doooomed :)
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