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Anyone seen this new Dow Jones newsfeed in action. The sales body said that it can have perameters pre-populated to trade on figures before most the market can even read it, he said 80 miliseconds to get to Europe..not sure whether to believe him as i've heard some horror stories related to the text recognition stuff on Reuters. The sales body told me a story that on the figures the journo's are all in a govenment office, they type the report and the server switch is flicked at 1-30 to keep the playing field level..Is this true? I hear so much bullshine in this business> someone please enlighten me.


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Hi, yes, it's true...I used to work for Reuters in the News division and was involved in these type of innovations. The govt office stuff is called a lockin. It is quite incredible the technology and innovation that sits behind getting market moving news out the door in nano seconds. I am keen on a DJ news feed, any idea of costs?

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