Female looking to break into the city!


Hi I've been looking at this site for a while but thought I'd pose a few questions to you all as I need some advice!

I've always wanted to be a broker - went to a top uni, but came out with a useless degree :( I have taken the Regs and Securities exams (passed both) and I'm now looking for a junior broker position (I ideally would like to be in fund management however it seems I will have to go the long way round to get there). I am applying for positions in London but getting nowhere.

Any advice on where I should apply etc? I'd ideally like to apply directly rather than through an agency.
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You are probably struggling because of the times we're in at the moment. I'm afraid it's going to take a lot of applications and some luck to get into what you want. I'd take anything that's offered to you at the moment, just for some work, experience and money.

Things do seem to be getting better - 2009 was very dry for jobs but more firms are hiring so it seems. There are still some some fairly hefty worries weighing on the markets, though and volatility is increasing which generally means a fall is on it's way. All the more reason not to be too picky and get something sooner rather than later.
Jobs are scarce ................. applicants are plentiful.

Employers are able to be exceedingly choosy.

If you have a crap degree, you may struggle to get into a top firm.

In fact, delete the "may" and replace it with "will".
On third thoughts, delete " may struggle to" and insert " will not".

Have you considered plumbing or window cleaning ?
Are you asking for a friend? Your profile says male !:)

That is a very sexist and racist comment. Just because someone is a man does not mean that he cannot be a woman looking for a trading job.

Why don't you go back to your chums at the Daily Mail and stop spreading your hate and moral panic here?

............I've always wanted to be a broker..........I ideally would like to be in fund management however it seems I will have to go the long way round to get there......

These two statements don't quite seem to mesh in my mind. Very little in common between the two professions. This is undoubtably part of the reason for the lack of success. There are literally thousands of other candidates out there who have done their homework. A vague desire to do something 'front office-y' just doesn't get you in the door thee days....

Just my $0.02

I was in a similar situation and I am also female!

I'm graduating in summer in a degree that isn't relevant. I knew that from just looking at applications to do something in finance I would need a steady qualification so I applied for a Master's in Business with Finance and I have just been accepted, I'm starting in January. At the moment, I am working at HSBC, where I have been for nearly 2 years. I'm working part time at the moment and then full time when I graduate in April. I think I've been lucky with HSBC, plus it's alloying me to build my experience!

Message me if you want a chat :eek:)
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