Fair and balanced application of the Law in the UK ?


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The irony of these 2 currently live news items did not escape my attention

compare and contrast ........

A 90 something person gets blinded by the low sun whilst trying to exit a side road and drives into the path of a car with 2 women and a 9 month old child on board...causing injuries to them and writing off both cars ........

It will not get to any court and the 90 something will never have to face any challenge or repercussions from the police.........despite an eye witness report that he pulled out whilst blinded by the sun

A pensioner is accused of driving recklessly around a historically "dangerous" railway level crossing barrier, killing himself and his grandson

The courts will find him guilty of reckless driving (with no evidence apart from the barrier appearing to be working)...despite numerous pleas from family and friends that he was a good driver and that he would never have jepodised his or his beloved grandsons life

wow......and we live in a fair and impartial democratic country ?



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The application of law through the courts is only slightly better than a 50-50 bet. Many cases have unexpected outcomes and comparisons with similar cases are confusing. These two cases aren't really similar though - one's a mistake while negotiating a lawful manoeuvre, the other's a deliberate reckless act.
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