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Expected manager behaviour during extreme volatility

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Viro Major

So, as an investor, do you expect your Darwins to operate during events like the US election period or unplug and stay out on the side and let the storm pass ?

Does Darwinex accommodate for the changes of max leverage on strategies‘ account ? I guess not.
I mean, those who trade at very high leverage if not max, which is wrongly vouched by commentators here as “having skin in the game” (if not by constraint if running a dirty sort of strat based on multi-layering positions) but not wise, then become troubled with sudden restrictions preventing the maintenance of similar conditions.
Does Darwinex operate an adjustment of the transposition of VaR on Darwins in that case ? Not so sure
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It all depends on a Darwin's strategy. Remember some Darwins specialise in news trading
Yes, it depends on the strategy. If you trade shorter term rule based / or pattern based strategies for instance, I think it may be a good idea to stop trading until the dust settles. Market moves can be very irrational / differ from "normal" patterns.