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Hi All,

very new to this but looking for a time limited exit from the entry point.

i.e. 48 hours from the start of the initial trade- if anyone has suggestions for any code it would be greatly appreciated



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I assume you want to sell at a higher price than you paid for. You can use Average Daily Range (ADR) to help you make the decision. Suppose you bought a stock at $5 on the 1st day, and its 10-day ADR is $0.4, so you may set your selling price at 5+0.4*2=$5.8 on the 3rd day. Please note this high point is an estimate, and you still need other evidences (e.g. no bad news of the company) in order to have a more satisfactory outcome.

*go to this cite http://www.wikinvest.com/wiki/Average_daily_range to know more about ADR.


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not particularly look for the ADR - I am looking specifically for a time limited exit based from the start of the trade.

i.e. Enter trade 2pm - it runs for 4 hours exits 6pm

or enter 1am Monday Morning (via Trigger) and exit 48 hours later automatically

also any suggestions how to limt trading hours of code?
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