Excellent website for absolute beginners


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While there are loads of very experied users of TA obviously on this board it's very difficult to find GOOD clear explanations for real newbies like me.

However this FREE site http://www.incrediblecharts.com/technical/easy_guide.htm

seems to present the subject in a very understandable way which then allows you to progress to more complex theories.

I hope other users will find this a helpful intoduction to a very complex topic leading to sucessful trading.


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it's very good for explaining how to construct indicators etc also - whenever you are about to post a 'how do I construct a...' query check there first!


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That was my first trading website as it happens and a very good starting point it turned out to be..


Thanks for the pointers to this site. I've just been browsing it and as a newcomer to trading, it looks to have stacks of useful information.
my 1p opinion...

there is some very good "free" web sites around, let me also tell you this one (T2win) is one of the best because if you don't mind to be around research the forum for a few hours and if you are not shy to a point when you don't understand something ... ask, maybe in the future you realise probably is one the best systems to learn , put there is another good site around where I personally go a lot to take some dough ts is:



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I too found this website very good - it was what got me interested in Trading in the first place, there is so much info for a beginner and all free.

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