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Can anyone help me. Is it possible to superimpose a graph,from another worksheet , onto a graph on a different worksheet. Thanks Norman
yes - u can pretty much use excel graphing to do anything u can imagine - including replicate professional charting packages ( in look, but the key with professional charting packages is the data, not the charting), and get plug ins to save u a lot of the work - best to do a search on google
It is amazing what you can do with excel charts. Microsoft seem to have missed a huge market. If it was easy to get live data in to excel, I would use it all the time. I have read of some people using third party software to import in to excel but it looks a bit too complicated for me. Does anyone use excel for live charts?

Not sure if this website has the answer to your question about overlays but it has helped me a lot.



Looks like that website is too popular and is down for the next hour. There is a link to chart overlays.

Much appreciated bigbusiness & Stevet. Trying to solve it by trial & error was driving me nuts. Big business. I think Bonsai does exactly that. He seems to be a clever guy and very helpful.
Regards Norman
I have used a live feed to DDE price data into excel for purposes of assessing indices volatility and performing live calculations on risk and bet/deal size and found it ok most of the time subject to the feed data. I have not had the time yet to convert data into charts but this is something I may move to idc. I would appreciate hearing from anyone experienced in this
you can use api/dde links etc to access some charting companies data and there are companies which only supply real time data so u have to hook into their data with your own c, vb program etc, but not much point to replicate a charting package with excel when there are so many good charting packages out there
But with excel you don't have to use the indicators that everyone else is using, you can make your own. I have been doing this for EOD charts and now prefer them to the charting packages I have looked at. I have never got on with conventional indicators but the custom built ones have helped me a lot. It also costs a lot less that the crazy prices for some charting packages.

a lot of people spend a lot of time coming up with their own indicators - and good luck to you if it works for u - but i never met a trader who works that way simply because trading is a herd thing - when u take a position - if it does not work right away - you got it wrong as everyone else should have seen what you saw - so if u have your own one off indicator - who knows - if you are lucky - you might even be right - but mostly when u take that positon - you are going to be the only one hanging your XXXX out in the wind - and when that wind is cold - it is real cold

in trading its not about being right - its about being right just at the point that everyone else agrees - dont be first - be one of the first!
Spot on.With hindsight I have spent so much time fighting with dilatory packages that I could probably have produced one to meet my particular needs in the same time and with less expense. It also gives a better understanding of what the indicators do and how - also how they might be tweaked/adjusted to work better for you
clearly I need to introduce myself. As I am the first.

I use dde and Lotus. If I can help let me know.

Big Business.
don't know about exel, but Lotus charting is first class.
as for those 'charting packages out there', they got dumped years
Hi Bonsai,

I have an old Lotus CD somewhere, I will have a look. Any chance of a rough guide to how you import the data with dde?
first thing is you have to have a feed that supports dde.

I have satellite feed so what I do may not be of much help.

IB may offer dde ?

but when you find one, will be happy to guide you through the detail.

Rog indicated he knew some ?

i did not say that i had not met people who talk about success with their own indicators - just that i never met a professional trader who needs or wants anything special like that - but if it works for - good on ya

but are u talking about coming up with special indicators or just using your own system to access and analyse data and automatically issue your open and close orders? - that for sure does work!

IB have socket connections, api and dde for getting data but its only real time sort of direct from exchnges so no historic data, so u miss a tick and its gone forever, and its sampled to cut down a bandwidth, so u dont get it all ( i am not technical except to the level i need to trade)

i guess u might have CQG if u have a satelite feed and they use dde - dont u just love latency? or is it another data supplier
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in my experience, most of them are very good with 'keyboard skills' and wouldn't even dream of writing their own routines for anything. But I could be wrong.

why bother, when the company has paid the nice salesman lots of dosh for 200 work stations. ?

i added a bit to my message - did u get that

and as you know - you are paying for the good data and the charting package is basically free - and most of the "name" packages have way way too much for a professional trader and enough for gamers to play with for sure, until they decide to stop playing and start trading
I suspect that is all Big B and Rog may be after.
A better charting package.
probably not even true real time charting.
depends on their trading style.
a lot of people here typically use 1 min or 5 min bars etc
and probably only trade on completion of a bar ?

back fills are not really the problem you suggest

re back ticks - there is a problem if they want to chart in real time and they lose the feed - unless they create their own database of data and or have a second computer catching the data etc etc -and then it goes on and on ... and if they want to create a charting and data company - great - but for for a few dollars they can have it served up on a plate by an established charting company - and get on with making bucks from trading

and yep 1 and 5 bars - but not just on completion - that tends to be the european markets for both stock indexes and bonds - when they are following the US - and waiting for confirmation before they take a position - i dont do european markets - only US - so would normally enter mid bar

and i go right across all the US exchanges with options as well - and even if trading off the stocks - kinda different strategy to indexes

and with all the data associated with options - it and level 2 are one area where u really need to expertise of a real data supplier to get the data to you
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god stevet, you really are a bit pessimistic you know.

if this and if that ..... and if the sky fell in?

if the data feed packs in the commercial charting package
packs in as well.

some whole sites go down quite often. well occasionally.

let them breathe and have a go.

ps:have you personally actually tried dde and so talking from experience ?
I havent lost money over any of the issues you are suggesting
might happen !
Bigbusiness: Tried out your site suggestion & found it very interesting. Although he gives various VBA codes there was no mention how to enter the code. However I did find a clue on one of his combination charts when he mentioned the function paste special. "Great balls of fire" it worked perfectly. When I have some spare time I will revisit the site and see if his VBA codes are useful. Thanks again .....Happy Norman
my experience of DDE RT is with the Updata IP feed and using their analysis package.
It isn't v difficult - u just copy & special paste into excel
I started off by doing it from bbc teletext (free to air)with a teletext pc card which I still have but dont use anymore.
U must have a DDE compliant feed - again not difficult to find - just ask the question does it do it.
If you want to pl PM me

the commercial packages are overflowing with stuff which I will never use.I am finding 2/3 mainstays though and feel that with time I would like to have a shot at producing something for myself based on a few simple tools of my choice . I have admired your skill with Lotus from a distance since I joined the boards. Unfortunately I don't know it at all but thanks for the offer. I'll carry on picking bits up with excel as I go on.

Its an opportunity to use a small basket of well chosen indicators/tools and perhaps to experiment a little at no cost other than the time involved. IMHO everyone who has used charting packages has spent a lot of time learning and probably ends up using about 1% of their bells and whistles capabilities.

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Sorry this is a bit off the point of your post now