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The EURUSD is the most traded and most liquid currency pair and every broker offers it with the lowest spreads any broker offers.

My question is:

Would you like to see a currency pair which would display the price for USDEUR?

I think it would be a nice addition to existing currency crosses that you can trade and I would trade it. I know that selling EURUSD would mean buying USDEUR and the other way around, but I have never seen a broker quote USDEUR.

Any thoughts?

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It gives me teh oppertunities I wouldn't have if I was flat, and it saves costs. My broker says its teh best way to tarde.


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i ask for the usdeur rate when i return from holidaying in the US, not sure how its calculated though (my guess is its a derivative of eurusd)

The Leopard

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The discussion about weak and strong hands has been interesting, albeit slow.

Other than that, can't think of much worth reading lately. And all the lulzy threads seem to get deleted, but boll0cks like this and the long/short fiasco remain.

What's the point of posting?
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