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I'm hoping to see the EURGBP drop to 0.81125 - because I have open positions on my DEMO account 122 lots selling EURGBP
opened 2017.06.03 sell 40 EURGBP price 0.81241 T/P is set at 0.81167 commission is 240 so far and overnight interest SWAP is 116 so far. I have 2969 of profit minus swaps and commission coming to my account if the EURGBP drops and the sooner the better as far as I am concerned.
And I have a few more unwise sell open positions on the same currency, placed at the same time.
Does anyone think I have a hope in hell of getting a profit out of my trades or should I close my positions out and try again.
:D its easy with DEMO money, with my own cash I'd be really stressed now....
So far with my other 3 trades I have these results
Ticket Open Time Type Size Item Price S / L T / P Close Time Price Commission Taxes Swap Profit
18629886 13:03:19 sell 1.00eurgbp 0.81358 0.00 0.81299 2014.06.04 10:57:00 0.81338 -6.00 0.00 -2.90 20.00
18629759 13:01:10 sell 1.00eurgbp 0.81339 0.00 0.81284 2014.06.04 12:13:58 0.81284 -6.00 0.00 -2.90 55.00
18628405 12:34:06 sell 40.00eurgbp 0.81312 0.00 0.81227 2014.06.04 12:47:17 0.81298 -240.00 0.00 -116.00 560.00
So I have held my position overnight again and SWAP fees are up to 928 as I have two 40 lot positions to sell open still.
The EURGBP dropped to 0.81187 over the last 24hrs, which put me in profit, but my T/P is set lower, so I could have taken a profit, but missed the chance......if I was in front of my PC at this time I probably would have taken the profit.
Now I feel like I have to hold my position and hope for a drop during the day.
18625443 2014.06.03 11:36:03 sell 40.00 eurgbp 0.81241 0.00000 0.81134 2014.06.05 07:55:41 0.81227 -240.00 0.00 -464.00 560.00
Closed out one position due to stress of bad decision and survival mode kicking in, lost on this trade - 144 (not including taxes)
one other position open 40 lot sell EURGBP will hold it until I see a profit (maybe)
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Great news, held onto that last position and with the ECB report and the EUR taking a dive I have profited :)
18625494 2014.06.03 11:37:13 sell 40.00 eurgbp 0.81233 0.00000 0.81125 2014.06.05 10:43:26 0.81125 -240.00 0.00 -464.00 4 320.00
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