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Have to admit, I have not been a fan of Michael Walters. Have not been to his site for many months, as I just felt he focused on the greatest gambles of all, penny shares.

However, clearing out my bookmarks, found the lediding article of today very interesting - may be I will reappraise his views. Entitled "Healthy, wealthy an wise to stay away".....enjoy.....

(PS. am I allwed to copy articles like this onto the BB whole, or does that infringe copyright?)
copyright is a minefield, and I'm sure it would bore everyone if I reproduced what you can and cannot do!

But what you've done is the best way of staying within the copyright - ie, you've described a little about it in your own words, and then provided the link so that anyone who wants to read the full article can do so.

The link itself is not copyright (just the original words in the article), and therefore everyone is feel free to post links. And as long as you have written the description of what is contained within the article (and you're not doing a cut-and-paste), then you're legally safe.

For general information, Michael Walters' e-mails have the following at the bottom:


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