End of day data?


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Does anyone know where I can get end of day data (HLOC) for UK market. Free would be nice (!) but low cost also OK. Looking to import into Omega Supercharts.

Dunno if this is what you mean, but yahoo.co.uk finance offer free end of day and historical HLOC data on lots of markets and individual shares.

Hope that helps

Doh! just read the second part of your message. The info can be downloaded to exel if that helps.
Thanks people - I'll have a good look at these. Your help much appreciated.

I use Prestel as well - the only annoyance is that their Indices feed doesn't have the S&P and only has Close data for other markets like the Dax and Dow. I have to download that data from Yahoo and import it.
Check out www.eoddata.com

Free end of day UK data in most popular formats for many of the world's leading exchanges
Thanks eod - you've now made four posts on T2W - three of these were to plug your website, and all within the last few days.

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futures eod data

I have been hunting for (free) eod futures data. I only need prior day OHLC, not a complete history.

Having searched the knowledge base and all over the net the best I have found is:

www.mrci.com/ohlc/YYMMDD.asp where YYMMDD is replaced by the requested date.

Unfortunately they don't list STOXX and often are late updating the Bund and a few others.

Does anyone have any suggestions, please?
Looks good for indexes and stocks, but cannot see financial futures listed anywhere. Have I missed them?
Thanks FTSE

As the information from futuresource is continually updated I will just have to ensure that I have refreshed my eod data before market open.