eMini platform


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OK. This is probably going to hack some experienced people off here, but I'm after opening an account to trade eMinis.

My parameters are:

I have $10k to deposit.
I have an ultra fast internet connection (2Mbps dedicated line, not ADSL for rather odd reasons).
I want to trade 4 lots at a time.
I generally get max. of 5 setups a day
I'm looking for reliable platform above all.
Ideally I'd like to trade in my company name not my own.

I think Mann will let me do all of the above - but I have seen them critisised elsewhere. Can anyone who trades in a similar way to my parameters please let me know who they would recommend?

IB are cheap.
My account, till I gave up futures for the much more profitable field of day trading US stocks, was with Netfutures in Chicago using JPats, full market depth, instantaneous fills etc.
If you want a better rate than advertised I can email you the name of my friend who is a broker there. Privmail me if you wish.