Elite Panel for one click trading - just useful toy!


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Hi all

I want to share tool that I use personally for manual trading. It helps to make orders, sets SL/TP and modify it too.
Trailing, BreakEven and some scripts... opportuinity to add another graph on same chart and even change TF there.

All these things in one panel... Just like it and want to share.
Direct link: http://www.dmurakami.com/hny2019mx.htm
no email, registration etc... clear download.

PS: I know that some of these options are in MT4, but main advantage is to have it in one place. This is really nice for


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Panel is good, but I prefer hybrid tools as well... Panel is fine with H4 trading, rare actions and real needs to manage open orders.
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Bill Signer

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mine asked for upgrade... got it by email from authors... if someone needs it - let me know

How can I get an update of the Elite Panel?
I'm using FiboActiveBot - looks like same source too. I will ask there as well.
But if you can - send it to me.


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Hey there

There is an update of the Elite-Panel, get it free there:

Same source, jusr clear update.

PS: I got a version with opportunity to feel TP/SL manually, not choose
from the list. Important if you trade Gold for example (since you need to
increase x10 all settings to make it work right).

Ask me directly or you can ask the owner... I'm not sure if I should post it here.


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Does anyone tried it on Gold?

I'm using fx samurai robot now, will post the file as soon as get some results
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