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After MT4, there is a rejection of MT5 due to an incomprehensible order system. This is especially true in the Strategy Tester: MT4 report is intuitive, unlike MT5.

For this reason, when it comes to publishing, for example, a report of the next Expert Advisor in the form of an html file on the forum, they make either an MT4 report or nothing.

It is not surprising when the MT5 version of the advisor is checked on real ticks in the MT5 tester, but the report is published from MT4, where the quotes are completely different. It is possible to enter the EA’s trading style only by using the MT4-statement.


I suggest using the TesterReport script, which creates an html report for a single run of the MT5 tester.


  1. Download any MT5 Expert Advisor (EX5 file) you are interested in. For example, you can take any advisor that is sold for free from the Market.
  2. Run a single pass of the Expert Advisor (after optimization or immediately).
  3. Run the TesterReport script in the Terminal. This will open the single pass html report in the browser.

The report will be in the form of an understandable MT4 order system. In this case, the following data will be additionally available:
  • Slippage values (at opening a position and at closing) for each position.
  • Duration of orders / positions with millisecond precision.
  • Profit / Commission / Spots in pips.
  • Trade turnover for each position.
  • Chart with / without trading costs (slippage / commission).
  • and some others.
  • It will also work with multicurrency MT5 advisors. The report has a Spartan look: no fancy toys, no bright colors or other distractions.

For whom:
  • Those who are interested in other people’s advisors and want to see the features of backtest trading using real ticks, including the multicurrency option.
  • Who is looking for an interesting Expert Advisor in the Market. It’s free.
  • Who wants to compare several advisors with each other.
  • Who wants to find out the influence of a broker on the work of an advisor.
  • Who wants to substantively discuss another advisor on the forum.
  • Who wants, without bothering, to check the correctness of their advisor in the backtest.
  • Who needs to understand the subtle features of the result of the advisor’s work: the influence of slippage and commission (can be changed in the MT5 tester).
  • Who wants to see the result of trading an Expert Advisor with disabled MM - in pips. For example, instantly weed out averaging.
  • Who doesn’t want to be tied to paid / free MT4 utilities to import a limited list of tick history. Be hostage to their settings / bugs, stay tuned.
Largely thanks to cross-platform libraries, every competent developer has a version of his advisor for both platforms: MT4 / 5. Modern Expert Advisors only for MT4 are rare.

Take full advantage of the hidden power of MT5 tester!