does anyone have any views on the resignation on Friday of the exploration director at Emerald Energy,is this another one of EEN's slip ups in the making
Cannot offer you any info on EEN .......penny shares are not for me. But a big welcome to Trade2Win and keep your posts coming, for am sure you will find plenty here to keep you interested.
Hi bmwcsl (this nick is hard to pronounce :) ) and welcome aboard...

From the company's statement it appears that he wishes to pursue other personal interests...what ever they are and in my experience this usually means has been sacked...

"Martin Keeley has announced his intention to resign as a director of
Emerald Energy Plc and other group companies on the 31st March 2001.
Since joining the company in November 1996, Martin has made a
valuable contribution as Exploration Director from his permanent base
in Colombia. He now wishes to pursue other personal interests and
the Board wish him well for the future. Keith Hewitt remains in
charge of the Bogotar office and is actively seeking to further
strengthen the exploration team."

I don't follow this particular stock..only just did a quick reasearch to see if I could be of any results I am afaid...there haven't been any comments explaining the real reasons behind the resignation..of course it's early yet and some comments might come up next week..

Good luck..