EDS: Eureka!

Well, here it is ...

It's supposed to be an impossibility, but the following is an AIQ EDS routine I wrote tonight which picks stocks with - unbelievably - a 100% probability of a win.

I've backtested it over six months and, unfortunately, it only picked 20 stocks - so I'm sure it can be improved. The ST ESA needs to be set to 10, IT ESA needs to be set to 20, and MACD needs to be set to 5,35,5.

A if ([st esa] > [it esa]) and (val([st esa],1) < val([it esa],1)).
B if [low] > val([high],1).
C if val([MACD],1) < val([MACD Sig Line],1) and [MACD] > [MACD Sig Line].
D if val([OBV Pct],1)<0 and [OBV Pct]>0.

Buy if A and B and C and D.

But remember, you need to do your own research, and don't just rely on any EDS for your trading.

Good trading!
Oops - I forgot to add what my exit rules for Eureka! were. I used trailing stop 80%, protect 80% of my capital, protect 90% of my profit above 5%.
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