economic and political events.


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In my opinion political event also can giving impact to currency, as investor I think also they will investing funds on country that has security and not in war, sometime hot political event on certain country also will highlighted among investor and I think will worried if invest in country that not safe


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is the federal reserve economic and political?

To an extent. They decide their policy on economic evidence. But Timing is political. Imagine the political fall-out if they made a bold announcement on the eve of the presidential election.


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how can you be sure ?

By events I admit I mean all fundamental influences from NFPR to a lasting high oil price to a generous dividend policy to arrest of a Finance Director for fraud. Of course some have a longer lasting and deeper effect than others. But FA governs.

As for media commentary, the only people who think that's relevant are journalists.


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Yes, I think the economic and political news effect the forex market. The various news sentiments have short term as well as long term impact on the forex prices.


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You should ask yourself if the big players in the market factor these events in their decision making. My guess would be that they do.
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