Earn2Trade - Cheap tactics - Be Careful - First Day Experience


I posted this in another forum but want to ensure that as many traders are aware of this as possible.

I have been viewing threads here for the past decade or so. Mostly a lurker but today something has prompted me to contribute to the trading community so it might help someone.

I develop algorithms and run them with different funding firms - some work, some don't. Today, I want to talk about earn2Trade and their business policies.

I received an email from earn2Trade for a 40% discount - figured why not - lets run an algo on the $75K account. Their portal says up to 9 contracts on $75K account. I figured with a daily loss limit of $1750 - probably try with 4 contracts.

So the first day today - the algo puts on a trade - 2 with ES and 2 with NQ. Trade is profitable - minor but positive. Then I try to put on another trade but that doesn't work. So I reach out to their support - who point out I have violated their position size rule. At this point, I am trying to understand what the heck is going on - this is the very first day of trading - your website says 9 contracts and I am not even half of that - so how did I end up violating their position size rule.

Well the support points out that they have these position sizing rules of following a progression ladder that is never mentioned in the whole process of signing up - further its not even part of the welcome email that I received. But when you sign up - as a user - what you see is up to 9 contracts - totally misleading. The support mentions that their website says - follow progression ladder - but its not even a clickable link to find out what it means - and further if your intentions are right why say up to 9 contracts and have the user figure out what this progression ladder means - if the intentions were genuine - first it would be a link that's clickable to explain what they mean and second don't mislead with up to 9 contracts - instead say depending on the account balance with a clickable link that explains everything and lastly add those details to the welcome email.

Further, they don't even want to work with you - I mean its the first day - and even if its their policy - they don't want to extend the courtesy to fix it.

My point being - just another vendor trying to lure in traders - I mean I understand that is their business model - failure of a trader is their success but do you really have to resort to such cheap tactics ?

I hope other traders learn from this experience.

New Information after posting above -

Apparently the orange asterisk is actually a link. This in itself provides a clear picture of their intentions - if they were genuine - would the asterisk be a link or would the text of "Follow Progression Ladder" a link - the actual title.

I am a developer myself - develop algos, websites, etc. - how often do you see where an asterisk is a link and not the actual text ?

I mean think about it for a minute - what does they say about the vendor - very shady !


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I've looked into these companies in detail and even done business with a few of them (and failing to read the fine print well enough). It's my belief that Earn2Trade is possibly the only company worth doing business with for two simple reasons:

1. When funded - you can actually trade a live money account. Meaning you actually make money in the market. Most other companies have you on simulator forever which means that you making money is them losing money.

2. No withdrawal rules such as having to wait X months to withdraw or first having to build a profit cushion.

With micro futures available, I'm still not sure if it's a worthwhile deal, though. Compared to funding your own account. But I stand by my claim that IF you should choose to go down this path then Earn2Trade seems like the best option.
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