Earn 2 Trade - Terrible experience, an inflexible money grab scheme!


Hi All,

I thought to put my experience out there for the masses. I've finally had it with rip off money-grabbing so-called remote prop funding agents called Earn2Trade.

I have never in my life been angrier at companies inflexibility to a specific situation, so here goes.

My first full day trading the futures market while enrolled on a 50K futures trading evaluation with Earn2Trade. They have rules like any other provider, but specifically, they allow a trader to trade multiples of 10x micro contracts for every full-size contract tradable on a scaling plan.

This means a new account can trade 20x micro contracts if your evaluation max position size allows for two full-size contracts.

I carefully traded under the 20 contract limit sticking to trading only micro contracts, which included E-mini micro, micro gold and micro sterling (MES, MGC and M6B).

It turns out they don't include micro FX futures in the 10x scaling scheme, which isn't very clear on their site and is tucked away under the FAQ section. They then failed my evaluation when I executed two M6B micro contracts while still being under the 20 micro contracts limit as they are deemed full-size contracts (not sure why).

I contacted support initially to ask why I couldn't execute as I had no idea why my account was locked. They explained the issue and said I had broken a rule. I asked them to take into consideration the fact that I was trading micro contracts and under my contract limit at the time of execution but they wouldn't cut me any slack and were forcing me to pay a 99 USD reset fee for the account despite it being my first full day of trading.

I think they use this strategy to force people to pay for account resets which significantly increases their revenue with these easy-to-break rules with these statements hidden in the FAQ portion of the site.

At the end of it all, I traded within my risk limits, trading only micro contracts and have been forced to reset the account to continue trading.

I won't pay the 99 reset fee; no way, it's not fair.

Why would they not include popular FX micro futures contracts with any other micro contract that's part of the tradable set?!

I thought people should know before signing up with them and parting with hard-earned dollars. I won't be going back and people should be careful of less than obvious rules designed to catch people out so they shell out reset fees.

These funding businesses are sharks.

PS. The support agent at Earn2Trade who did sweet nothing to help my case was called Paul.
The problem with all these firms, IMO, is that they're not really interested in funding you, but collecting fees. I'm 100% convinced of it.

That said. E2T seems like one of the better alternatives if not the best. Still not sure if it's worth the while, though.