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Anyone come across the "Dream Tai" software? I got this off e-bay a few years back but never really did a lot with it, then I took a break from trading. Just started again last month and giving this a more thorough look. It downloads the latest stock and indice prices for you and then gives you buy or sell signals based on moving averages and volumes traded.

Has anyone else used this with any success or otherwise?


You may be right you may be wrong but if nothing else it seems a good way to quickly get an overview of stocks you are watching.


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Has anyone else used this with any success or otherwise?
Hi dctaylor,
I'm not familiar with the software and on that basis can't offer any specific observations about it. That said, if it's marketed as a complete turnkey system and all you need to do is enter the amount of your trading capital - whereupon it tells you what to trade, in what quantities, where to set stops and take profits etc., then I suspect pboyles is right in what he says.

However, if it's just filtering possible long candidates based on price being above certain moving averages - then it's likely to do exactly what it's designed to do. What you then do with this information is what really matters. It's down to how you trade it and in what size, where you place your stops and take your profits. This is what will determine whether or not you'll make a profit or a loss - not the software itself. Do the latter well and you could make money. Do the latter poorly then, likely as not, you'll lose money.
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