Dr Kelly: Saint or sinner?


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As much i agree with his view about the goverments dodgy dossiers i still think the late Dr Kelly was not exactly a saint since ,as a civil servant sworn to secrecy cos of the nature of his job , he went behind his employers to brief a journalist and to cap things off he let his family down by taking the easy way out leaving them to pick up the pieces. To me the real victims of this whole Iraqi war were the innocent British and American soldiers who were led to an untimely deaths to satify Bush and Blair's egos. Does anybody agree or disagree with me? feel free to let me know.
Basically disagree

The Judicial review will have to decide whether Kelly did, or did not break his oath of confidentiality; or whether the BBC did, or did not 'sex up' some perhaps unwise, but otherwise unremarkable comments. I suspect the BBC will lose here - they have fallen into the trap of playing the ratings game against the likes of CNN, and that is not what they are there to do.

As for the issue of the war istelf, there is probably nothing I can add to the discussion that hasn't been said, except to say that if I lived in a dictatorial regime where summary execution was considered normal, then I'd be pretty happy that someone somewhere in the world was prepared to do something about that; and I don't think I'd give a damn about the legal or political niceties that were considered necessary to bring about my liberation.


It was suggested that it may take some time - not the inquest into his death, as such (County Coroner), but the inquest into the circumstances surrounding it (Lord?) Justice Hutton. Months to years.

I only mentioned it as there has been some mumblings/suggestions that it was a "convenient" suicide.
but it is a known fact that he spoke to the journalist so he obviously broke his oath of confidentiality...........he had health issues 2
inquest was opened and adjourned.

as coroner, wouldnt you do that as well ?
This inquiry could turn up anything.

I am waiting to discover whether there are others who may not
be prepared to keep quiet but have the balls for a fight.

Or was he just a self opinionated loner ?
Passed over perhaps ?

He may even have been egged on by Blix.
(who seems to have gone noticeably quiet )
It is sad that Dr Kelly felt it necessary to commit suicide and I cannot help but feel for his family. They are having to endure the loss of a husband and father and to make it worse all of this is in the public domain, this of course will drag on for months possibly years. It must be an absolute living hell.

The fact that Dr K4elly decided to take his own life possibly indicates that some wrong doing has taken place and this will be revealed in due course. Then again perhaps Dr Kelly was on the edge anyway and this Iraq business just tipped the balance.

Only the inquiry will establish the facts. Even then people will not believe the inquiry and it will drag on still longer.

It's just sad for all concerned.

Evidence so far at the Hutton enquiry supports my initial suspicions about Dr Kelly's sucide