Dr Alexander Elder

Safri Laross

Has anyone here read any of Dr Alexander Elder's books and if you have did you find them to be beneficial to you and help better your trading?
Am reading Elders Trading for a Living for 3rd time, working my way through the study guide too. I think it is a very good buy, one of the best books for helping you understand all facets of trading, and certainly explains how to use all types of indicators and what they are each useful for. When I feel I have mastered this I intend to get his latest - Come into my Trading Room.The study guides are really good tests of your ability and the answers give decent explanations to help understanding. Good luck in your trading.
I read "Trading for a living", and I specially liked the part about money management and the psychology involved in trading. One of my favorite books actually.
Trade your way to Financial Freedom by Dr. Van Tharp I think is along the similar lines as Dr Elder.. pretty good
Van Tharp's book is excellent - I got more from this than almost any other
I have Elder too and learned from this but VT has my vote