Down a couple K this month... Help?


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I'm in London tomorrow, pm to meet up. One hour of discussion all that needed to in right direction. No bull****, no sales, no nonsense, just good advice and recommended reading.

Mr Woozel

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Do you really need to add insult to injury?

I hope you could say the same thing when someone important to you encounters terrible pain/accident

You might be an insensitive successful trader, but that does not preclude you from having the decency to shut your mouth.

read your post, you talk crap yourself. T2W will have less tosh if people like you lurk more :cool:

The OP looks to be in genuine distress from his beginner mistakes. So nobody is falling for anything. But it was fortunate for the OP that he saw something was wrong only after 2k down. If you were in his shoes, I am certain you would be in a far deeper hole.

Think about it: The op is a new member who claims to have been day trading full time for a few weeks. Apparently this is the hardest type of trading. He lost a few K. He uses the worst possible timeframes, uses tight stops, says his stop limits won't get filled. Uses lots of indicators and would like a sure fire method and a good video to watch. In another post, he wants to know whether he should try Elliot Wave theory (complicated apparently) but at the moment is entering trades on a green candle.

This member has posted just about every trading cliche possible and you think it's genuine

I can't believe you are spamming your journal and tweeter account like that. Nobody reads them ? Will more people reading them increase your ability to trade, or were you hoping, like the OP, someone will come help you out ?

I really have no idea what you are trying to say but please don't waste your time trying to ellucidate.


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It doesn't really matter if its genuine surely..
He has lots of indicators, who doesn't starting off..he wants to learn about EW, so did I until I realised it was useless..didn't we all go through these mistakes and learnt the hard way?
Its annoying that he's posted the same questions now on two threads, expecting a different answer, but hey..
I'll repeat craig in case you didn't get the advice the first time..look at point and figure. If you dont want to follow that advice, entirely up to you, but im not down 2k this month thats for sure
Best of luck anyway


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I mentioned in your other thread that the market is intelligent but you think it's dumb and likes to give you money. Until you reposition yourself to deal with an entity that is superior to your intelligence in every way, your money will keep disappearing.

They know where your stops are, and they will take you out, simple as that. They love wide stops, it just means more profit for them.

Who is "They" Joe?

And how would "They" know where a stop loss order was? Why would that stop loss order be even worth taking out? Let's say stops are below - who's on the other side of those trades as "They" push through thousands of contracts worth of liquidity to get to the stop on your 1 lot long?

There are times where pockets of liquidity are created in the form of groups of stops and there are times when the market will gravitate towards that area. There are times when the market hits that area and times where it fails.

"stop hunting" as mostly an excuse for losing trades.


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I think we saw in the series of MT4 VT plugin videos that the functionality exists to create price spikes. If a retail forex broker is taking the other side of your trades, and many do, then of course it's in their interest for your stop to be hit, the money goes straight into their pocket.


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They" push through thousands of contracts worth of liquidity to get to the stop on your 1 lot long?

They'd take my 0.0001 pence long. Anything greater than 0 is worth taking. As for who they are, I don't know but I can smell their presence. I think they are more of a what rather than a who, them dirty stinking rats.

Actually it's already in their pocket, they just need an excuse to keep it there.

What is in who's pocket ? I know it's early in the day, but make some sense.
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