Need help entering a trailing stop sell order


I am confused about entering a sell order at a broker because the entry parameters don't seem to make sense for what I want to do.

The stock is currently $40. I want to sell it at some higher price, say $41, but NOT execute the sell order if the price is currently increasing, unless the price starts to fall, say 50 cents. I understand a trailing stop $ sell order can do this. But what should I enter into these fields?

Action: Sell
Order type: Trailing Stop $
Trail amount:

I don't see a way to NOT trigger the sale immediately, because there is no place to enter $41. I am also not sure if it should be Trailing Stop $ or Trailing Stop Limit $

Some brokers have conditional orders, but when I look at entering that, Trailing Stop is no longer in the list!

Can you help?
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I wish MT4 had a built in trailing stop feature. Although it can be remedied with an EA (third party software) easily enough.

Which platform do they run on?
Fine but nobody answered my question about entering the order. My question applies to ALL platforms.
I dont think you can do this with with standard settings. You may need to program it to achieve it